Top Features

  •  Content publishing in 16 portals

    SmartPortals has a content management system that lets you publish in multiple portals, CIMAC 16 portals, fully scalable. Featuring content importing and sharing between portals, it’s extremely simple to use, very user-friendly and flexible.

  •  Powerful Search

    The search can be applied cross portals, configured according to the visibility that wants to be associated to each portal and with content diversity. Due its potential, the search indexes all content types, presenting results with associated preview.

  •  Related Search Results

    SmartPortals search is, first of all, an experience, allowing you to find content across all portals as well as managing search results for each portal.

  •  Georeferenced maps

    Portals provide interactive maps that are configured through filters, allow the visualization of points of interest in several areas, relating them with the information available in the portal, such as events, places, companies, institutions, resources, references.

  •  Advanced image management

    Flexibility and simplicity are SmartPortals content manager characteristics, allow to edit images quickly and effectively. Ready to automatically adjust images to be applied to contents, will thus respond to processes and teams optimization in portal management.

  •  Custom Design by Portal

    SmartPortals allows each portal to present its own visual identity, choosing templates, colors and structure that best suits each portal positioning and brand.

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